The Longest Scarf I’ve Never Knit

So I’m starting over on an old knitting project. Again.

I’ve a number of older pieces that I have abandoned along the way. Hats. Socks. Intricately-patterned scarves…

This one, I believe, reigns supreme for how long it has waited for completion, how many times I’ve moved with it in partially-completed mode, and for the sheer number of times I’ve completely undone it and begun anew. And on something so utterly simple as a knit/purl scarf.

(Cast on for the 2020 Re-Knit.)

I’ll be honest, my brain had forgotten how to knit–oddly enough, my fingers knew the way, once begun–and had to look up how to cast on, how to knit, how to purl…

I’m 4 rows in as of this posting and so far, so good.

It’s a strange thing, this never-finished scarf. The material itself is a bit off. Very ‘late 90s M. K. thought this was super cool’. Why, yes, I began this scarf in high school. It is, I believe, the first of my uncompleted knitting projects. Which is how it has managed to move so many places and been re-started so often. This incomplete scarf predates my first relationship. My first move away from home. It has witnessed a series of jobs, cars, degrees, and other major life events.

I almost don’t want to finish it at this point.

But here I am.

Five skeins of project yarn, the color and texture of which would make even the Muppets’ Animal jealous of this phantom scarf, and many wasted hours. What else should I do but complete the dratted thing?

Of course, then I’ll have to wear it, this furry, orange, garish nightmare of a scarf that high-school M. K. thought would be really neat and autumnal once upon a time.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

… if I finish it.

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