Where the magic happens

I’ve been encouraged to share some pics of my writing space. To which I replied– well, that’s because you haven’t SEEN my writing space! hahahah

Seriously, I seem to have accumulated the most amazing collection of oddities and comfort items. An example of the clutter/cozy blend? I have, just now, counted the light sources in my room. Discounting both the window and ceiling fan light (the latter of which I never use save for when I’m vacuuming), I have a desk lamp, floor lamp, three atmospheric lanterns, a fake fireplace (powered by a nightlight bulb), and four ‘Dept 52’ Literary Classics houses. Oops, I forgot. I also have a ficus tree covered in little white ‘Italian lights’. 😂😂😂 Somebody save me from myself!

Residents of this fair jumble include Doctor Who minifigs, dragons, Mike Leckrone bobblehead (a prized possession, let me assure you), Holmes and Watson–my pink flamingos, and my childhood teddy bear. There will soon be no room left for me or my characters.

But there are books, don’t worry. Dooooon’t worry. I’ve accumulated the most fascinating collection of reference materials–some rare, some ridiculous–and I just keep coming across more. I’ve an ‘ugly old orange chair’ in the corner and the writing desk that I used as a child. It has upon it the heaviest, most gorgeous Royal typewriter from 1934. Yes, it works– it has a duel color ribbon and I oil it as needed. And, yes, I type on it fairly regularly.

And that’s about it, really.      I go in. Books come out.

(If only it were that simple.)


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