“Be Back in a Minute”

‘Wrote a note, said “Be back in a minute”
Bought a boat and I sailed off in it…’

– “Knee Deep” by Zac Brown Band feat. Jimmy Buffett


A couple years back I bought into the beta release of a sailing simulator.  Turns out that SailAway does help scratch the itch that I can’t quite reach any more, having moved away from Madison and the Hoofer Sailing Club.

So we’re going on a journey, you and I.  I’ve charted my course and set sail from Liberty Island as of yesterday evening.  Destination?  ‘Round the world.

I’ll admit, I’ve tried this before and failed.  (Through the simulator, you can set whether or not the boat keeps to course when you are not logged in and manually sailing your vessel.  I, unfortunately, had not set my previous voyage up correctly and ended up aground and bee-lining back to where I had started due to missing a check point on my map.)  So there is a very good chance that, without proper planning ahead and keeping in touch with my boat, the Margaritavich, I might mess this up again.  Guess we’ll find out together.

And, no, I’m not necessarily turning this blog into a fake-sailing log.  But there will be a fair bit of it since it’s 1. something in which I have a keen interest and 2. a fun challenge.  Then again, provided I keep my pages dry, maybe I can get a bit of writing done while I sail. 😉😉

Here’s a bit of midnight starry skies and ‘wing on wing’ sailing which, frankly, I get such a kick out of:


[midnight ‘wing on wing’ sailing]

Update as of this morning:


See you out on the wide waters of the world!

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  1. This is looks fun! Good distraction 🙂

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