3, 2, 1. Let’s jam!

Been in the mood for a full Cowboy Bebop rewatch lately and so I though, ‘hey, I’ll share that journey on social media.’ Popped onto Twitter with the hashtags #CowboyBebop #Rewatch and Tweet reacted as I watched Session #1, Asteroid Blues. Am parsing out my full reaction here.

First impressions: Wow. I mean WOW. I forgot how gorgeously animated this series is. Little things– like how the ‘seams’ between the computer and traditional effects, while not flawless, are not particularly visible. Effort was taken to not pull the viewer out of the moment with differences in animation technique. Camera-work. Anime, in general, is very very good at emulating (or surpassing) the range of some of the best live action out there but this one rises above so many others and that’s probably also due to the 

Pacing. The pacing is just so tight. The show manages to be tense, funny, bleak . . . all at once. There’s information dropped in every second but it never strays into an info dump.

Foreshadowing. I’ve seen this one multiple times. I know what’s coming. (Yeah, the series will be spoilt for you if you read along to my rewatch reactions. Show is 20 years old. I consider my conscience clear here.) Even knowing where it all goes, the foreshadowing is not heavy handed. It’s beautiful and tonal.

This whole show is one big Mood and already I am swept away.

Specific episode thoughts:

Our trio of comic relief. Antonio, Carlos and Jobim. (I had to look them up and invite you to as well.) Darn, I love these guys! Man, they are so surprisingly well travelled! hahaha Gee, have they got the worst luck in the universe, eh? And that’s saying something considering how things tend to trend aboard the Bebop. But, seriously, they really have perfect timing when it comes to episode pacing. Plus I’ve a soft spot for a good running joke.

Fight sequences. Every so often the camera seems to wander a touch or the characters float a smidge but, by and large, the fights (of which there are plenty) are nice, grounded action. Decidedly over the top? (So SO many bullet casings!!!!) Over the top, sure, but as a story telling choice, I think it’s a good one. It’s a hyper-violence that somehow doesn’t come across as hyper-violence for me. (If that makes any sense.) Also, bonus points for pithy exchanges.

Body language. Raise your hand if you love Spike Spiegel’s slouch-shouldered walk.
Double bonus points: Lighting variations. Camera looking down into the Bebop’s main living quarters through the fan blades. So Much SPACE depicted. And juuuust enough low gravity Bebop to sell the scene.


See you Space Cowboy.

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