Don’t Read This Blog Entry

Don’t read this blog entry, please.
I’m serious.

I’d rather you go watch the skies. Or bake a cake. Or read a book (of course.)

Feed the birds, perhaps. Write a poem. Walk your dog. Put on some tunes and dance in the living room.

Because if you’re reading this blog post, you are more than likely peering at it on your phone (statistically speaking).

Maybe you’re filling in a little bit of down time while you’re in a waiting room. Perhaps the elevator is being slow and you would rather not engage with the person standing next to you.

I am not addicted to my electronic devices by any means. (And I’ve got the screen time data to back up that claim, actually.) Whenever possible, I keep my writing and my research to the analog (so as to save my tired eyes the long hours.) Do I hang out on social media and have a grand time doing so? Sure. The internet is a modern miracle having so many lovely applications.

But . . .

I love my down time. I live for the moments that I step away from the constant connectivity, the incessant stimulation to live in the non-digital world. I make time for it and only reluctantly come crawling back to my laptop some days.

Perhaps I am merely an example of ‘people my age’. Perhaps I am just me being me and shouldn’t make this recommendation to others as though it’s a one-size-fits-all or as if I’m some expert in how one ought to go about their daily business. As I said above, technology has given us so many wonderful things. It gives voice, agency, access, knowledge, entertainment, and connection. I am not a Luddite.

But I do love my very real world. I love how it smells, feels, and tastes. I worry about the pacing of my own life as dictated by the demands of online interactions, progress, and availability. A feeling which, again, may be altogether personal.

But let me be personable for a moment and, should you have read this far after my having warned you off from the first, let me again make this plea:


Experiment with what happens when you disconnect digitally during a set time, or a set situation. What might you experience, even in the three minutes it takes to wait for a bus, or in those moments before you sleep at night?



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