All those posts we mean to write; or, Happy New Year!

Oh, look, we’re a month into 2019 and I already broke my new year’s resolution …over 3 months ago. 😂😂

An exaggeration, obviously. I’m chronically unable to keep up with this blog and my good intentions often come to naught. So here’s a bugger of a post merely meant to catch you all up on the latest:

The Kithseeker released back in August and is currently both a semi-finalist for the Chanticleer International OZMA Book Awards for Fantasy fiction and has just now entered audio book production with the ever-amazing Bernard Faricy!! (If you haven’t checked out the audio book for The Bookminder you’re missing out.)

In the Eternal Excuses department, we also find that I’ve become very busy through a new commitment to the local public library radio station (link is in lower right hand corner of the library home page). My segment is called “Take No Advice” and runs on Thursday evenings CST.

And book 3 is perpetually a monkey on my back, it would seem. I’ve likened the writing process to Zeno’s Paradoxes and fear I may never reach the end. Every word forward is progress, but it slows the further I proceed. I am writing in an ever-narrowing hallway. An interesting, if frustrating, way to move forward. Now this might, in part, be on me. I find that I am reluctant to finish the story I’ve begun; I don’t want to face having to say goodbye to these characters I have come to love so dearly and I dread the day I have to put their story on the shelf as finished as much as I would adore to have their final chapter finished and in hand. Utter cowardice on my part but what can ya do?

So that’s the latest, my lovelies. With any luck, this post has helped undo the log jam in my brain with regards to regular blog updates.


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