As I sit here penning this post, I am keeping half an eye trained to my Facebook feed in case my friends in Zagreb post any more live videos of the Trg. The team, our Vatreni, have just landed and the parties (and flares) are still lit. People are still singing in the streets by the thousands. And this for having come in second in the World Cup. (May God help our livers if we ever win the whole thing.)

In case you’ve never noticed before. I’m Croatian.

As I munch on a slice of potica (sure, the Croatian for it is, technically, povitica, but the other is what I grew up hearing for whatever reasons. My best guess here is that you can see Slovenia from my grandpa’s childhood home. Ah, those south slavs like to complicate things.) I find myself finally get around to posting my own newsy news and thoughts on these last several weeks. While the World Cup was on, it was almost like life was on pause. A never-ending party of hope, excitement, and pride. But now I’ve got to actually go in here and write the post I was intending to share a couple weeks ago after the annual CFU Tamburitza Festival in Zagreb.

I did not, myself, go. I stayed home and concentrated on juggling all the details that go into the lead up of a book launch . . . sending and receiving emails, mailing things out, yelling at a website that goes down for inexplicable reasons, working on my wizard’s robes for ExpectoCon, fretting over digital proofs, memorizing my own character stats (again, for ExpectoCon), and following the cultural tour of Croatia from afar.

As I said above, I planned on writing this post and then football happened. For, you see, The Bookminder went to Croatia.


And stayed! 😊

If you’re ever in Zagreb, pop into the Knjižnica i čitaonica Bogdana Ogrizovića and say hi to my lil’ book.

*The Bookminder also managed to find all kinds of nooks and crannies inside Pejačević Castle. Note the ‘kuma‘ photo. More on that in a future post.

And in speaking of the future . . . Perhaps by the time book 3 of the series releases, I’ll be able to achieve my own personal dream of visiting Dvigrad itself and ‘book selfie’-ing in front of the very tower that graces the cover of The Bookminder. #goals

In the meantime, I’ll just have to watch a bit more football, learn my new prim (maybe it’ll help my brač playing), eat some more potica, and generally tell everyone I know about lijepa moja domovina.

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