Starting a Rumble on Twitter

You’d think that, on a day such as February 4th, the big rivalry of the day online might involve a couple of major sports teams. (Hint: tackle, touchdown, “It’s good!” … or commercials, I suppose. Hey, man, however you swing today. It’s cool.) But, no. For me today, Twitter became the scene of a possible street fight between the Haired and Not-Haired of the Writing Community…

I refer, of course, to the  of Twitter. Lovely gents who, while cordial and kind, had to agree with me that my hair excludes me from their ranks. This entertaining exchange throughout my snowed-in morning and afternoon has now led us to the brink of Major Conflict. There’s talk of car park shenanigans, a proper rumble between rival gangs. GIFs have been bandied. Laughs had.

In the end, I suppose it will amount to little more than words. I have dreams, of course. Grand ones involving movie rights, or even a comedic episode acted out in full on YouTube garnering a billion hits overnight. Perhaps a parody song, a la Fighting Trousers. I mean, hey, we’re all creative people. I’d settle for some trashy fan fic about this epic day! (You may consider this a call to arms, my fellow #BigHairyDealWriters!)

For all that social media can quickly become an empty hole of shouting over one another, this… this made my day. Thank you, Tweeps. Thank you.

(presented because you probably ought know what it is I get up to when I come down with a terrible case of Writer’s Block)

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