So, I play this sailing simulator game. Keeps me with a bit ‘o access to the salt and spray while I currently am without access to a real life sailboat.

Been trying to circumnavigate the world–starting in Hawaii and heading East–for weeks now. The program allows for easy screen shots and so, for my own fun, I check in at various points and ‘log’ a picture for myself. Figured it might be an interesting record to have later. So far things have lapsed into “another day, another nautical mile,” fun for me but not much to say to the world about it.

Until today.


The Margaritavich is becalmed.

I checked in and was surprised to see that my ship had a heading in a completely odd direction. And, to my shame, I must admit here that I tried to turn it, get things going again. Then I noticed the readings on the heads-up display:

Apparent wind: negligible. True wind: negligible.

Well, phooey.

Which got me actually blogging about my experience with this app. (Pretty funny when you consider that not going anywhere is what turned around, at long last, my desire to actually sound off on the experience of my digital circumnavigation story.)

For a few weeks now I’ve been stuck. Stuck on some edits for my second book of trilogy. And that frustration has been eating me alive. I’m not one who really ‘gets’ the concept of writer’s block. I always can work on something. Words come out. Even the wrong ones. But right now I’ve been becalmed in the writing seas and have only been able to stare at that flat empty horizon with hungry eyes. I’ve even imagined it looks much like the above pictures. Me, stuck on a little story boat, waiting for words to fill my sails and get me … somewhere. A pale empty sky meeting a pale flat sea. Not even seagulls wheeling about. I am alone, alone and hungry. And impatient.

I don’t even know if there is a solution. I am becalmed, after all. I can’t make the wind come.

Maybe it’s once I realize what is happening, take a look at my heads-up display, that I can settle in, realize I have what I need to survive this little journey and simply enjoy the sunshine beating down on me. Maybe I’ll get a good tan. Maybe I can take a break to go fishing.

Anyone know any good fishing apps?

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