Marking Time: Birthdays, Dates, and other

Funny that on a week I began my run streak (and don’t ask how that’s going) I should end it with celebrating the birthday of one of my wizards from The Bookminder.

Yes, I know the birthdates of all my main characters.

Nagarath’s birthday is August 5th.  Anisthe’s is August 25th.  Liara: June 6.  And Amsalla (whom you, gentle reader, have not yet met) is a winter gal with December 29th.

Back in the era in which this story takes place, we didn’t have Facebook nagging us to celebrate and spread well-wishing. People didn’t have cake and confetti streamers and wear fun hats. They, quite possibly, did not even note the passing of another year, simply growing into their advancing age unremarked.

But the dates still stand. The importance is attached–for me, at least–in that it means they were born, they lived, and they died. Made up characters they might be, but the birthday is an anchor. Setting a day is to set a point of reference from which their lives develop. Anisthe isn’t just six years older than Nagarath, he celebrates his birthday in the same month, was born under the same summer sun and grew into hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting at much the same time of year. He saw his first snow at the same age; skipped a stone in the same season.

Parity and difference. Winter and summer. Like and so very different they could have been born on different planets.

And maybe it’s all as made up as the rest. Maybe it’s all just a story in my head. But it’s a story nonetheless.

And in celebration of that, I’m saying Happy Birthday, Nagarath. Happy Birthday, Anisthe.

(And what’s a birthday without presents? Follow the link to my Goodreads Giveaway and try for 1 of 5 signed copies. Good luck and happy reading!)

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