After a long hemming and hawing… I’m going out on a limb. Here goes. These are the things that my mind wrestles with when not playing with stories that amuse. These are my daily, weekly, hourly, minute-to-minute cares distilled into a mess of words. Maybe this is for me. Maybe you, gentle reader, get something out of it. I hope so.



I “stayed out of it” on Twitter, on Facebook. I didn’t go an change my profile pic, cry out in support or condemnation of one side or the other, solidarity with all involved…

I cried. I sat in silence and shed tears for the world.

(And, arguably, you could say I am blogging about it. But that’s not where this is meant to tread. Merely a triggering point for my getting brave at long last and talking about things that matter to me.)

Where are we, as a planet full of humans, animals, plants… a staggeringly diverse and complex history… where are we headed? What is this future we want?

In the wake of the events this week in Manchester, UK, after having my little cry, I asked: What can I do?

What can I do?

Aloud in my home, in my car, on this blog: What can I do?

What if we all asked this? And then did something. One of my fav bits from the DragonLance series (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman) is the exchange between Tasslehoff and Fizban:    “‘What did your father say?’ asked Fizban gently.
‘He said kenders were small because we were meant to do small things. ‘If you look at all the big things in the world closely,’ he said, ‘you’ll see that they’re really made up of small things all joined together.’ That big dragon down there comes to nothing but tiny drops of blood, maybe. It’s the small things that make the difference.'” (398, Dragons of Autumn Twilight)  *Love, love, LOVE this sentiment.

What can I do?




I’m currently doing daily morning readings from a book called the “Little White Book” — Catholics might be familiar with it if their church has them available at certain seasons. Meant to be read daily during the Easter Season, this year the book carries a theme, of sorts: Good stewardship of the earth.

I like that one. I like to think I’m good about such things. Turning off lights when I’m not in a room, buying locally sourced foods, recycling… I participate in Earth Hour annually. (This last makes my husband laugh at me and we’ve discussed, at length, whether it is potentially more damaging in the long run. Neither of us has all that much expertise in how electricity really flows into the home.)

Today’s reading mentions a simple switch to biodegradable detergent. Help our waterways, yadda yadda… Hmph. Interesting. Even I, at my local co-op with their plethora of options, I with my recycling, heal-the-world-i-ness, usually bypass the household goods aisle. Not interested. I like what I like.

But . . . what if I make that change? Pay a few extra pennies a load. We do 5 loads of laundry at a go in my household. Adds up. But, darn it all, aren’t I just so fortunate to have that many belongings to launder on a regular basis? Amazing, how complacent we can become, how used to excess or, at the very least, remarkably comfortable living.

I’m buying the biodegradable stuff today.

That’s what I can do       . . . today . . .

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