Killing the Blog

33.5K words achieved in current WIP.

That’s what happens when I commit to blogging . . . and then concentrate on what I actually ought be doing instead. Dead blog; active WIP.


So here’s the deal. I don’t like to hear myself preach, prattle, or pretend that I have all sorts of interesting and unique drops of wisdom to rain down upon the waiting masses. I don’t. And even though I have heard time and again that I ought to blog, that I ought to regularly put out New and Exciting Content . . . it’s just not what I do.

I Tweet. I love it, I do. I love Twitter and the interactions that I have there. I love Goodreads. I love Instagram. I love the ‘social’ in social media. That’s where I hang out, where I would rather be and, apparently, am in spite of all the good intentions that I had of keeping up a blog.

It’s unfair to you, the waiting masses, to pretend that I can keep this blog going. Because if I’m not exactly interested in it, how can I expect you to be? Heck, I am only a reluctant consumer of blogging myself! (See: ‘I love Twitter’ above)


And so, I shall kill the blog.

That’s it.

No more words from me on here.

Yep. Silence. That’s the ticket.

*intones darkly* Gooooodbyeeeee, cruel woooorld.
Ok, maybe not all that drama.

See? I’m leaving.

Go find me on Twitter.

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