NaNoWriMo … aftermath

Quote from my last post: “NaNoWriMo next week. Whoopie!!”

Hmmph. So, that was a month ago. :/

November came and went in a blur of half-finished chapters, leftover Turkey sandwiches, and one really lovely vacation to somewhere warmer than here. Needless to say, I did not reach my 50K word goal for NaNo.

I made zero updates to this blog. I’d like to think it being too busy on my NaNo to spare a single word elsewhere. That’s probably partly true.

That said, I consider my losing NaNoWriMo a complete success. It was a success as I sat for three hours one morning peering at a painstakingly digitized map of Victorian England, having read a pamphlet from the era describing (in very deliciously catty words) the fashionable from the unfashionable districts. I was looking at house size. And I needed the perfect alchemy of house placement, size, and proximity to other plot elements that would not readily be found on such a map. (Ah, the joys of historical fantasy…)

I torture myself, to be sure. Find me a reader who cares about such things and– Oh, wait, I am that reader. Validation enough.

Onward, valiant writers!!!

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