And I will write 500 words…

*does the 500 word dance*

It’s been a bit since real writing has happened on my word marathon. A sentence here, a jotting there… but no measurable progress.

Enter today: 500+ words so far (me, who’s never taken stock in “word progress” is suddenly an avid follower of the practice!!) and more on the way. A reconfiguring/locking down of many wayward plot elements. Character design finalization. The customization of ambient noise for my writing. (This last is totally me goofing off … and a complete life saver. Something about the wind and the rain and the soft crackle of a fire…*)

Ok. That’s the update. Off I press! Onward!!

(NaNoWriMo next week. Whoopie!!)

Oh, and if that ambient sound smacks of something interesting for you, here’s the link:


Update: And now we are at the close of the day and the 500-word-dance has become a 2000-word-dance!!


*Words come from darkness. No true novel has ever been writ upon a warm sunny day. – M. K. Wiseman

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