Word Marathon

I’ve likened the process of writing a novel to that of running a marathon. (Me, who has never actually run a marathon– though I had tried training for one several years back… stopped only by the dis-function of my heart. But I still run as best I can, so I have that going for me.)

Not all that long ago (a few weeks?) I took up an older writing project during some down time while I await the completion of my first fantasy series. (It is coming. I promise!)

And while I loved this older project, have had to forcibly keep myself from tearing into it for fun when there were other things I ought have been doing, it has been a slog since I started up again.

I complained. I moped. I wrote and wrote and wrote, only to savagely destroy what little progress I had made. I wanted it fast and it wasn’t happening. And then I realized it:

I am running a word marathon.


What took me so long to remember that?


And with perspective came clarity. The plot locked in. The characters started to speak to me, directly from the page–at times scolding me as I had myself. But I found my stride, so to speak.

There’ll be hard days, no doubt. Days of ‘injury’ where I simply must rest. Days where I pound down the paragraphs like so many frenetic miles.

It is a fascinating process. And as I love both running and writing, I think I may now chronicle the rest here, on this blog.


I am running a word marathon.

Sometimes it is fueled by caffeine, sometimes buy alcohol. For this I do not apologize. Come, run with me.

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