Instagram; or, the troubles of a hard-coded website

I will get around to updating my website. I will.

But then my To Do list is getting longer by the day — and top heavy, at that!


Why all the www(dot)oes?

I joined Instagram. I have stormed the last bastion of social media that I had yet to plant my flag upon. And, golly, how I have enjoyed it! Where has this been all these years? Why haven’t I done it before?

Granted, I just kinda muck around on there. (And who doesn’t, right?) I’m not the most active. Heck, I don’t even know who to follow, or even what it’s all “for” . . .

But now I want to add it to my website and: woe is me!!!! I have to dig into the coooooode!

Right. So. FaublesFables on Instagram. See you there!

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