On the ground, looking up at the wagon

This is why I wasn’t blogging before. This. Right. Here.

I tried it once a few years back. (Shared my experiences in joining a running club for the summer. Mr progress, my thoughts, my triumphs and failures. Total rot. Don’t look for it. I think I managed to get it safely tucked away from public eyes.)

Life gets in the way. Time disappears. Thoughts become numerous and jumbled together. That or I realize–just as I have long argued–that I don’t have a lot to say. Not outside the world of fiction, at least.


So do I dust myself off and get back on the blogging wagon? Good question. Right now, I’m just checking in to see if I can get the brain chugging along, maybe get a post in here today to force myself to come back next week and write something more meaningful than “oops, I stopped blogging. again.”

Until then…

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